ElectraStim Bi-Polar 7 Inch Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo

electrastim-7-inchElectraStim 7 Inch Dildo ($164)

Bored with the usual dildo thrusts or vibrator buzzes?  Then try this amazing electric dildo.  This state of the art sex machine will send pulses of orgasmic inducing electricity inside you – wave after wave of pleasure that no other sex toy can provide.

Requires an electrosex power unit to operate (which can also be used with a number of other electric sex toys and machines!).

Smart Wand – Ivory

smart-wandSmart Wand Ivory ($318)

Described by its makers, as well as by many reviewers, as the most powerful re-chargeable vibrator in the world, this intelligent Smart Wand from LELO has quickly become one of the most desired sex toys for women ever made.  Includes touch sensors that allow the vibration speed and intensity to change automatically the further you go in and the more pressure you apply.

Powerful Dildo Vibrator

thunder cloud rainbow lightsRainbow Cloud Vibrator ($201)

If you want a powerful vibrating dildo machine that is portable, quiet, and discreet, then this beautifully designed toy is an obvious choice.

Elastomer material gives the vibrator its soft jelly-like feel, as well as its unique and attractive look.

But don’t be decieved – this is a powerful machine!

Vanity by Jopen

vanityVanity by Jopen ($265)

The most powerful rabbit vibrator dildo machine yet made!  Synchronous dual vibrating motors, together with independent rotation, as well as a uniquely sophisticated design, make for the ultimate female sexual accessory!

Steady incremental vibrations that can reach a shattering climax!